About Fanaka

After consultation, campaigns are designed around a client’s specific needs. Micro-jobs, or simple tasks are activated against a requested demographic and subsequently tracked and all results are measured. Users, or Jobbers as they are known on M4JAM, search and grab tasks available on the platform.

They then select and undertake simple tasks and earn money per simple task completed. The M4Jam software will easily direct a Jobber to the selected location of the job. Once there, Jobbers source data on behalf of the public or private sector by taking photos and/or videos, answering survey questions, plotting GPS co-ordinates and much more. The information is then submitted via our app, giving our clients (public and private sector) access to real-time insights, giving the Jobber access to instant income via the M4JAM electronic wallet.

Our solutions incorporate: eLearning technology: designed around the semi-skilled workforce. It incorporates incentivised learning, unique assessment logic, blended learning and spacing, all driven around upskilling and embedding knowledge in a drive to change human behaviour. Our technology administers the creation of curriculums, linking content and reporting outcomes. The user experience is simple and uses dynamic notifications, incentives, calendars and goals to ensure the best learner outcome.

Fanaka is the Research and Development authority in mapping the informal sector

We Develop Rural & Township Economies

Fanaka is a Research and Development Authority in mapping the emerging and informal markets of South Africa. We provide real time data analytics and insights into these markets to address our clients’ business needs and objectives. This is achieved by creating micro-jobbing opportunities in these areas of interest.

We love South Africa

Fanaka is passionate about addressing the national agenda of driving job creation, poverty alleviation and economic growth.

We are determined to meaningfully facilitate the integration and inclusive participation of non-active individuals into the mainstream economic activities of South Africa.

We partner with M4JAM

We are proud to be partnering with M4JAM and leveraging its digital technology. Through the platform entrepreneurs are able to run micro-jobbing campaigns in their local rural and township areas across South Africa.

This not only gives unemployed individuals in these areas the opportunity to get paid for micro-jobs, but also giving the entrepreneurs themselves the means by which to build and grow their own businesses.

Why Join us?

We leverage pioneering technology to gather raw data and insights into location specific areas across South Africa.

ESD Points

Our Empowerdex-approved ED model means that you will get the maximum points available for the Enterprise Development aspect of your scorecard. We help craft your strategy and we work with your B-BBEE team to prepare the paperwork required for your annual BEE audits.

Our Transparency

The success of our marketing approach and entrepreneurship accelerator programme is measurable and authentic whilst creating earnest value and relevance; that accelerates the economic participation, training and skills development of the unemployed population in South Africa.

Developing Rural & Township Economies

Not only do you get your BEE points and gain relevant insights, but most importantly your funds benefit thousands of people across South Africa – a genuinely broad base.

Our Technology

We have exclusive access to the award-wining M4JAM platform, a game changer in creating employment in a digital era.

Our Passion

Fanaka is passionate about addressing the national agenda of driving job creation, poverty alleviation and economic growth.

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