We are proud to be partnering with M4JAM and leveraging its digital technology. Through the platform entrepreneurs are able to run micro-jobbing campaigns in their local rural and township areas across South Africa, not only giving unemployed individuals in these areas the opportunity to get paid for micro-jobs, but also giving the entrepreneurs themselves the means by which to build and grow their own businesses.

M4JAM has given us exclusive use of their digital micro-jobbing technology and platform to make available to our qualifying beneficiaries.

M4JAM recently received the Unilever Global Development Award, supported by Business Fights Poverty, for their efforts towards sustainable economic freedom for the youth of South Africa.

Real Time Data & Market Insights

By providing the entrepreneurs you are supporting with questions and campaigns to roll out to their so-called “Jobbers”, as part of your BEE spend you will – as a bonus – get data and insights reported back to you, to use in your business. Campaigns build on each other to provide you with increasingly rich data.

Real People Benefit

Our interactive campaign maps allow the client to see who is earning the money at a simple click.

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